Cemetery management software for religious organisations.

Serving communities, together.

We understand the unique challenges faced by Archdioceses and Dioceses. That's why PlotBox is more than just software - we're your transformation partner. Our solution connects your facilities, protects your legacy, and empowers you to serve your communities more effectively.

Key features for archdioceses & dioceses.

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Preserve your history.

PlotBox eliminates the maze of data created by outdated systems. We provide a secure, centralised home for all your historical information, ensuring it's accurate, easily accessible, and backed up for future generations.

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Keep your teams connected.

Streamlined scheduling: Manage and schedule appointments across all your cemeteries from a single platform. Shared calendars with real-time updates keep everyone on the same page and eliminate double-bookings.

Effortless workflow: Schedule appointments directly from contracts, link events, and auto-generate paperwork. Digital maps highlight upcoming burials, ensuring your grounds team is prepared.

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Improve your financial processes.

Centralised financial management: Stop wasting time reconciling data from multiple sources. PlotBox centralises your financial processes, saving time, money, and effort.

Effortless reporting: Generate accurate reports and find errors easily with transaction summaries. Apply filters to quickly access the information you need for audits.

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A better experience for your families.

Improved Service: PlotBox empowers your sales teams to generate contracts and complete payments in real-time using a tablet device, even during home visits. This simplifies the process for your staff and families..

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Build better relationships.

Powerful CRM: Identify parish families and track their interactions with your diocese. Store, share, and access vital information to build stronger relationships.

Nurturing Connections: Generate custom lists and assign follow-up tasks to ensure no opportunity is missed.

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