CRM for cemeteries.

Build relationships. Boost sales.

From the initial contact, PlotBox's CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool allows you to track and analyse every interaction throughout the customer lifecycle. This helps you build stronger relationships, increase lead generation, plan effective campaigns, and manage sales activities efficiently.

PlotBox CRM Module on a computer

Key features.

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Lead source and contact status

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Log your calls and emails

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Full sales pipeline & team activity

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Assign tasks and roles to team

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Create quotations

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Detailed sales reports

Gain deeper customer insights.

Capture all the necessary information to create a personalized journey, fostering stronger relationships and driving more sales.


Simplify data management.

Effortlessly track deceased records, deeds, and contracts linked to each contact.


Maintain a steady pipeline.

Ensure complete pipeline visibility for your entire team, preventing missed follow-ups or lost sales due to absence.

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Why Your Cemetery Needs a CRM System

Why would a cemetery need a CRM system? We explore the software that will ensure you never lose a prospect or miss a follow-up!


What is PlotBox's Cemetery CRM Software?

PlotBox's cemetery CRM software is a comprehensive solution that allows cemetery operators to track and analyse every interaction with their customers throughout their lifecycle. It helps in building relationships, increasing lead generation, planning campaigns, and managing sales activity.

How can PlotBox's cemetery CRM software help in managing sales activity?

PlotBox's cemetery CRM software streamlines sales activity management by providing a centralised platform to track and monitor sales processes. It enables operators to manage leads, assign tasks, track sales performance, and analyse sales data. By utilizing this software, operators can optimise their sales activities, improve efficiency, and drive revenue growth.

What is a cemetery CRM system?

A cemetery CRM system is a software solution specifically designed for cemetery operators to manage customer relationships, track interactions, and streamline business processes. It allows operators to store and organise customer data, track communication history, manage leads, plan marketing campaigns, and analyse sales activity. The cemetery CRM system serves as a centralised platform to enhance customer relationship management, increase lead generation, and improve overall operational efficiency in the cemetery industry