Cemetery risk assessment software.

Keep your visitors and your staff safe.

Cemetery spaces pose a number of health and safety risks which, if overlooked, may expose you to legal action. PlotBox’s risk assessment module helps you carry out inspections with ease, for even greater peace of mind.

Key features.

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Use via the PlotBox iPad app

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Memorial inspections & upload images

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Risk assessment history

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Renewal reporting

Manage your memorials.

Record Memorial safety inspections and view risk assessment history on each record.


Greater mobility for grounds teams.

Carry out risk assessments on plots, monuments, memorials, benches and trees onsite using the PlotBox iPad app.


Stay compliant.

Reports let you see when plots are due their next risk assessment.

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What are the potential health and safety risks associated with cemetery spaces?

Cemetery spaces can pose various health and safety risks, including potential hazards such as uneven terrain, collapsing tombstones, tripping hazards, and exposure to hazardous materials used in burial practices.

How can overlooking health and safety risks in cemetery spaces lead to legal action?

Neglecting health and safety risks in cemetery spaces can leave you liable for accidents or injuries that occur on the premises. If someone gets harmed due to negligence, they may take legal action against the responsible party, potentially resulting in lawsuits and associated legal consequences.

How does PlotBox's risk assessment module assist in managing health and safety risks in cemeteries?

PlotBox's risk assessment module provides a streamlined process for conducting inspections in cemetery spaces. By using this module, you can easily identify and evaluate potential hazards, ensuring that necessary measures are taken to mitigate risks and maintain a safe environment. This proactive approach can help minimize the chances of accidents and reduce legal liabilities

What benefits does PlotBox's risk assessment module offer in terms of peace of mind?

PlotBox's risk assessment module offers peace of mind by facilitating thorough inspections and risk management in cemetery spaces. By using the module, you can confidently address potential health and safety risks, ensuring that necessary precautions are taken. This proactive approach not only enhances the safety of the premises but also provides reassurance and peace of mind to both cemetery staff and visitors.