Software for cemetery contracts.

Support your team, simplify your sales.

Eliminate all obstacles to closing a sale. With PlotBox’s contract module, your sales teams can swiftly and effortlessly access live inventory data, maps, and records, manage price lists, process online payments, and generate contracts instantly.

PlotBox Cemetery Contracts Module on Tablet

Key features.

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Live inventory data

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Upload scanned images

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Payment plans

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Custom templates

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Add to basket feature

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Pre-need revenue reporting

Sell from anywhere.

Cloud-based solution offering enhanced visibility and mobility for your sales team.


Reserve plots.

Check inventory, place holds, and create and sign contracts—all in one place.


Everything at your fingertips.

Easily view upcoming payments, balances, and settlements.

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What is cemetery contract management software?

Cemetery contract management software is a specialised tool designed to help cemetery administrators efficiently manage and organise contracts related to cemetery services. It streamlines the contract management process, improves accuracy, and enhances overall operational efficiency.

What is PlotBox's contract module?

PlotBox's contract module is a feature that facilitates the selling of cemetery plots from anywhere at anytime. It provides various tools and functionalities to streamline the sales process.