Combine your funeral home and cemetery operations with confidence.

 Our best-in-class software solution has been tailored to connect every aspect of your combo operation.

Efficiency Redefined.

Say farewell to manual processes and duplication of paperwork. Streamlined scheduling, coordination, and record-keeping keeps your focus firmly on the families you serve.

Stay Compliant.

PlotBox ensures accurate, real-time record-keeping, allowing you to store, retrieve and generate essential documents - making it easier to keep your operation compliant.


Seamless communication between your cemetery and mortuary or funeral home teams with real-time information, ensuring every family is served to the highest standards.

Track With Confidence.

Deliver exceptional service that exceeds expectations right from first call, with full transparency for families at every stage.

Advanced Tools.

Our software integrates advanced artificial intelligence features that allow you to create personalized obituaries at the touch of a button. 

Single Source Of Truth.

Capture once, update in real time, accessible to all - improving efficiencies and streamlining processes.

Funeral Home Key Features

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