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Bridge the gap between you and your customers online with EverAfter by PlotBox. With EverAfter, families can search cemetery records, plan for funeral attendance, buy flowers and even engage with your sales team. It’s your digital cemetery, all built within the PlotBox ecosystem, making managing online easier than ever.

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Search & Schedules.

Thousands of people use EverAfter every day to search cemetery records and plan funeral attendance. EverAfter puts all this information at their finger tips with easy to use search, QR code sharing turn by turn map based directions.


Flower Retail.

Our Cemetery based commerce solution embeds eCommerce into your website making it easier than ever for families to buy flowers from your partner florists. Our solution integrates your flower policies and clear up schedule into the store helping families buy with confidence.


Lead Generation.

New to EverAfter is our Lead Generation feature. This allows families to view a curated selection of your available inventory on a map and connect with your sales team when they find something they like.

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What is Discover Everafter?

Discover EverAfter integrates family search and genealogy functionalities by providing access to burial records and historical information related to cemeteries, Users can explore ancestral burial locations, access grave records, and uncover valuable genealogical details.

What are some features of PlotBox's cemetery records management software?

Cemetery records management software typically includes features such as:

  • Record keeping: the ability to store and manage burial records, including information about the deceased, their plot location, and any associated documents.
  • Mapping: the ability to map cemetery plots and provide visual representations of the cemetery layout.
  • Search functionality: the ability to search for specific burial records using various criteria, such as name, date of burial, or location.
  • Reporting: the ability to generate reports on cemetery usage, plot availability, and other relevant data.
  • Accounting: the ability to manage financial transactions related to cemetery services, such as plot sales and maintenance fees.
  • Integration: the ability to integrate with other software systems, such as accounting or GIS software.

These features can help cemetery staff manage cemetery operations more efficiently and effectively.

How does PlotBox cemetery records management software help with record-keeping?

Cemetery records management software streamlines record-keeping by efficiently organising and managing vital cemetery information, including burial plots, interments, and other relevant data. It enables easy access and updates, ensuring accuracy and up-to-date records.

Moreover, the software aids in tracking cemetery maintenance tasks like groundskeeping and repairs, ensuring timely resolution of issues and proper upkeep.

In summary, cemetery records management software enhances efficiency, accuracy, and maintenance, ensuring the proper upkeep of records for future generations.

How can PlotBox's cemetery records management software improve efficiency in cemetery operations?

Implementing cemetery records management software enhances efficiency in cemetery operations by offering a centralised database for burial records, simplifying information access and updates for staff. This streamlines grave location, inventory management, and burial scheduling. Furthermore, the software automates administrative tasks like generating burial permits and invoices, reducing time and effort. Overall, it optimises cemetery operations, ensuring smoother and more efficient functioning.