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Grave mapping: Why Now is the Time to Choose Digital Cemetery Maps

Discover just a few of the benefits of enhancing your grave mapping with digital cemetery maps linked to deceased records.

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Understanding Grave Mapping

Grave mapping, in essence, is the process of creating a detailed record of the burial plots within a cemetery. Where for many, traditionally, this was done manually using paper maps and documents, overwritten and amended over time, digital mapping solutions are changing the game for cemeteries wanting to streamline their operations and protect their legacy.

Digital grave mapping involves using Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and software to create a highly accurate visualisation of the cemetery site. Burial plots tagged with specific coordinates and linked to deceased records allows for easy identification and retrieval of information - providing a number of benefits and advantages over traditional methods of record-keeping.

If you are still using paper-based systems, here are a few reasons why now is the time to go digital:

Increased Efficiencies

One of the most significant benefits of digital grave mapping is the efficiency it brings to cemetery management. With a digital mapping system in place, staff can quickly locate and access information about burial plots, eliminating the need to sift through stacks of paperwork, speeding up the process of identifying available plots, historical records, and maintenance requirements. 

Improved Record Keeping

Maintaining accurate records is paramount in effective cemetery management and mitigating risk. Digital grave mapping can help to ensuring that all records are kept up-to-date and easily accessible. Details such as burial dates, plot ownership, and any special requests from families can be linked to exact plot locations, providing an organised system that helps prevent errors and discrepancies, ensuring the smooth operation of the cemetery.

Simplified Navigation

Navigating through a vast cemetery can be challenging, especially for those unfamiliar with its layout. Digital grave mapping provides an intuitive interface that allows cemetery staff and visitors to locate burial plots with ease. Whether it's finding a specific gravesite or identifying available spaces for future burials, the digital grave mapping systems simplify the process and reduce potential confusion.

Example: You are holding a Mother’s Day event in your cemetery.. With a digital mapping system, cemetery staff onsite can use a smartphone or tablet to instantly locate the grave and provide the family with accurate directions, eliminating any frustration or confusion.

Enhanced Customer Experience

For cemetery managers, providing a positive experience for grieving families and visitors is of utmost importance. Digital grave mapping helps by offering user-friendly tools that allow families to locate their loved ones' graves easily. Public portals such as PlotBox Everafter allow visitors to use mobile apps or kiosks within the cemetery to find the exact location, reducing the stress associated with searching for the resting places of their loved ones.

Example: A family traveling from out of town to visit a loved one's grave can use the cemetery's digital map to pinpoint the exact location. This not only saves them time but also ensures a more meaningful and stress-free visit.

Efficient Space Management

For many cemeteries, the challenge of limited space is ever-present. Digital grave mapping aids in optimising space usage by helping cemetery managers more easily identify available plots and plan for future expansions. This proactive approach ensures that cemeteries can continue to serve their communities for generations to come.

Example: Projections indicate you will run out of grave spaces within 5 years. Digital mapping combined with a process of data verification has been known to identify untapped inventory that can be made available for use, while run reports allow to to pre-plan accurate and take appropriate measures.

Legacy Preservation

Playing a vital role in every community, cemeteries hold valuable records of personal, historical and cultural significance. With digital grave mapping, data pertaining to the cemetery and its occupants can be meticulously preserved - information not only invaluable to families, but for genealogical research and local historical preservation efforts.

Example: A cemetery with graves of historical figures can create a digital archive that includes biographical information, photographs of grave markers, and historical documents related to these individuals. Researchers and history enthusiasts can access this valuable resource online.

Cost Savings

Transitioning to a digital grave mapping system, while requiring investment in software and training, can provide cost savings. The efficiencies gained in operations, resource management, reduced paper usage, and fewer errors in record-keeping can result in long-term financial benefits for cemeteries.

Example: reduction in errors associated with manual record-keeping translates into fewer costly mistakes, such as misplaced burials or incorrect monument placements. Over time, these accumulated savings not only offset the initial investment but also contribute to the cemetery's financial sustainability.

Choosing the Right Digital Mapping Solution

When considering digital grave mapping solutions, evaluate them in the context of your specific needs and goals. It's essential to choose a solution that aligns with the size and complexity of the cemetery, ensuring that it can grow with the cemetery's needs over time.

Also consider factors such as user-friendliness, and technical support and training. Partnering with a reputable vendor with proven industry experience is a good first step to ensuring a smooth transition to a digital mapping solution that meets all of your needs.

Discover how PlotBox digital cemetery grave mapping can provide unparalleled visibility and insight into your facilities.

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