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Pre-need, Customers, Inventory: Revolutionising Mausoleum Management with Digital Mapping Software

From pre-need sales to enhancing customer service, innovative digital mapping software is helping managers to manage their mausoleums.

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From pre-need planning to enhancing customer experiences and optimisng inventory, explore how innovative digital mapping software is helping cemetery and crematorium managers to manage their mausoleums more effectively.


Efficient Inventory Management: Navigating the Mausoleum Maze

First, a quick (rhetorical) question - how can you manage what you can't see?

The intricacies of mausoleum spaces, with multiple corridors, walls, niches and spaces can make it challenging to know exactly what you have and where at all times.

That meticulous approach to managing your inventory.

And this is where digital mapping software really comes into its own - the ability to link mapping information to digital records, establishes a structured system to clearly view and methodically organise the information you have.

This in turn saves time, helps to manage risk and enables you to optimise your space.

Without visibility of available spaces, you’re effectively running the entire operation blind, which is why cemetery and crematorium managers need to know precisely what spaces are available, their locations, and the status of each.

And it’s this which provides the foundation for making informed decisions, ensuring a seamless and organised process to assist families seeking mausoleum spaces.


Real-time updates: the pulse of effective mausoleum management

Another key advantage of digital mapping software in facilitating efficient inventory management is in the real-time tracking of available spaces.

Why? Information updated in real time first and foremost provides confidence in the data you hold, but also facilitates proactive space utilisation.

Real-time updates transform the inventory management process into a responsive and agile system, ensuring that managers are well-informed about the current status of mausoleum spaces, enabling them to make timely decisions and provide families and sales teams (more of which in a moment) with accurate and up-to-date information.


Planning Inventory Availability: The Art of Proactive Management

Beyond the immediate benefits of visibility and real-time updates, digital mapping software empowers managers to plan out inventory availability strategically. This includes the ability to place plots on hold, reserve spaces for specific needs, and proactively manage the ebb and flow of mausoleum inventory. 

This strategic planning ensures that the availability of mausoleum spaces aligns seamlessly with the preferences and requirements of families and resources available, contributing to a more personalised and efficient service.


Heat Maps and Digital Plot Records: A More Complete Picture

Heat maps provide an intuitive visualisation of the position, availability and occupancy levels of mausoleum spaces and niches.

And the good news doesn’t stop there - by connecting these maps to digital plot records - by creating a ‘through line’ - cemetery and crematory managers gain insights that allow for strategic planning and informed decision-making.

This visual representation not only simplifies complex data but also enhances the overall comprehension of mausoleum inventory status.

So what does all this tell us?

The effectiveness of mausoleum management is intricately tied to the meticulous oversight of inventory. Step forward digital mausoleum mapping software in providing visibility, real-time updates, visual representations through features like heat maps, and the capacity to plan out inventory availability.

As cemetery and crematorium managers navigate the complexity of mausoleum spaces, utilising digital solutions are becoming essential.




Streamlined Sales Processes: An enhanced Customer Experience

Guiding families empathetically through the decision-making and buying process takes a careful hand. 

It also takes streamlined sales processes - making it as easy as possible for customers to make the right decision, and sales teams to process each contract as efficiently as possible.

And it’s here that digital software becomes your best enabler, offering a system that streamlines the sales process and enhances customer service.

With regards to mausoleums, there are a number of potential challenges - the accessibility of information for sales teams, a clear view for customers as to exactly what they’re getting and where, and the ability (or lack thereof) to visit the site in person.

Happily, all of these can be overcome via the utilisation of mausoleum mapping software.


Virtual Exploration: Navigating Mausoleum Spaces from Anywhere

One key advancement in mausoleum management technology is the ability for families to embark on a virtual, 360 degree exploration of the mausoleum, entering a 3D view of the space to easily navigate corridors at the touch of a button. 

With visual representations even providing wall references and clear views of inscription details, families can easily traverse the space with the option to find niches near family members from the comfort of their homes or from the cemetery office.

The buying process can oftentimes be lengthy until families visit in person, and while that is not always easy - geography is no longer a barrier to sales, providing a much enhanced customer experience and more streamlined processes for sales teams.


Real-Time Accessibility: Empowering Families and Sales Teams

Accessibility is a cornerstone of enhanced customer service. Ensuring that real-time information about mausoleum spaces is accessible via the cloud, sales teams are provided with greater confidence in exactly what they have to offer. And because information is updated in real-time with clear visualisations of location, availability and status, there is a greatly reduced risk of mis-selling or double selling niches.


Efficient Contract Generation: Accelerating the Buying Process

One of the great things about digital, cloud-based information is that it reduces the back and forth with contracts and paper documents that can slow down or even halt the buying process.

The capacity to generate contracts remotely, from anywhere is a game-changer for sales teams.

By reducing paperwork and the burden of admin, this immediacy of contract generation helps to speed up the pre-need sales process while creating efficiencies across the business.

In every aspect, from virtual exploration to real-time accessibility and efficient contract generation, cemetery management software delivers tangible benefits for operators.

Families experience a more streamlined buyer’s journey, while sales teams operate more efficiently, providing a seamless and supportive service.

This blend of strategic sales and pre-need planning, supported by tech ensures that families embark on this journey with confidence and clarity.

And why are we telling you this?


PlotBox Vertica Mapping

The mausoleum management continues to evolve, maximising every opportunity is essential for long-term success.

While cemetery and crematory managers continue to explore creative solutions to meet the changing needs of consumers, it's important they have the tools to support those initiatives - tools such as PlotBox Vertica Mapping.

PlotBox Vertica Mapping provides an immersive 360 degree view of both indoor and outdoor Mausolea and Columbaria. It allows you to enter a 3D view of your space, navigate corridors, and search real time inventory availability.

Accessible online from anywhere on any device, it provides a view for families from the comfort of the office or in their own home, with a heat map showing real time inventory status, linked to your digital plot records.


Like to learn more about Vertica mapping? Visit our webpage and download our solution one pager for more.

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