Improve Memorial Management with Efficient Workflows.

Enhance cemetery memorial management with PlotBox's advanced software. Streamline processes, boost efficiency, and ensure visitor safety while maintaining compliance.

PlotBox Memorial Management Module on a Computer


PlotBox empowers you to create agreements, orders, and checklists with ease.


Get automatic expiry reminders for families for peace of mind for families and staff.


Conduct safety inspections for memorials, upload photos, and access inspection schedules.

PlotBox Memorial Management Key Features

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What is cemetery memorials management software?

Cemetery memorials management software is a digital solution designed to help manage your memorials more efficiently, improve communication with your grounds teams, stay compliant and keep your visitors safe.

How can cemetery memorials management software benefit my cemetery?

The software includes process checklists that guide cemetery staff through various tasks and procedures related to memorial management. These checklists ensure that no step is missed, providing a systematic approach to enhance efficiency and accuracy in memorial-related processes.

What benefits can I expect from using PlotBox's memorial software module?

By utilising PlotBox's memorial software module, you can expect several benefits. These include improved efficiency in managing memorial processes, streamlined workflows, enhanced communication with grounds teams, compliance with regulations, and increased visitor safety.

How does PlotBox's memorial software module enhance efficiency in managing memorial processes?

PlotBox's memorial software module provides a centralised platform where you can efficiently manage all aspects of memorial processes. It offers features such as digital record-keeping, automated workflows, and task management, reducing manual effort and streamlining administrative tasks.

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