Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) 

How Would You Describe PlotBox Cemetery Software ?

PlotBox cemetery software is the ultimate management tool for cemetery administrators. With its efficient record-keeping, plot management, and mapping features, PlotBox simplifies the day-to-day running of your cemetery operations. Say goodbye to disorganised paperwork and hello to streamlined efficiency with PlotBox.

What Advantages Can Be Gained By Using PlotBox Cemetery Software?

By incorporating cemetery software such as PlotBox, you'll enjoy a plethora of perks ranging from enhanced organisation and efficiency to streamlined record-keeping, accurate mapping and plot management, superior customer service, simplified financial management, and the ability to access information securely and promptly.

What Features Do I Need For My Cemetery Software?

When opting for cemetery software, such as PlotBox, make sure to factor in the centralised database for record-keeping, plot and burial management tools, mapping capabilities, search functionality, financial tracking, reporting options, integrations with other software, and user-friendly interfaces.

How Can Cemetery Software Help Me Manage My Cemetery Better?

PlotBox cemetery software offers a comprehensive suite of tools to manage all aspects of a cemetery, including the maintenance of burial records, tracking of available plots, management of contracts and payments, generation of navigational maps, automation of administrative tasks, and seamless communication with both staff and customers.

How Easy Is Cemetery Software To Use ?

With its intuitive workflows and easy-to-navigate interface, PlotBox stands out among other cemetery software solutions. However, not all software is created equal, so choosing PlotBox ensures a user-friendly experience and access to training and support if needed.

Can Cemetery Software Help Me With Our Mapping And Inventory Control ?

With cemetery software like PlotBox, mapping and plot management become seamless. With the ability to create and maintain digital maps of your cemetery, mark and assign plots, track availability, and easily locate specific grave sites, this software streamlines plot management and improves overall efficiency.

How Much Does It Cost To Invest In Cemetery Software ?

The price of PlotBox cemetery software varies depending on the specific needs of your burial grounds, including the features you require, the size of your site, and any additional support or services. For bespoke pricing information that caters to your unique requirements, it's best to get in touch with PlotBox directly.

Can PlotBox Meet My Specific Requirements ?

PlotBox and numerous other cemetery software solutions provide customisation options that cater to the unique requirements of your cemetery. These options may involve configuring fields and data structures, designing reports and templates, integrating with other systems, or incorporating additional features that align with your specific needs. Rest assured, PlotBox can be tailored to fit your needs seamlessly.