Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) 

What is a Cemetery Management System?

PlotBox cemetery software is tailored to meet the needs of cemetery administrators, providing an efficient tool to help streamline operations. With its user-friendly features, PlotBox assists in record-keeping, plot management, mapping, and more.

What are the advantages of using PlotBox Cemetery Software?

By utilising cemetery software such as PlotBox, you can experience a multitude of advantages such as optimised organisation and efficiency, simplified record-keeping, precise mapping and plot management, improved customer service, effortless financial management, and the capability to efficiently and securely access information.

What modules do i need for a cemetery software system?

If you're in the market for cemetery software, like PlotBox, then prioritise features such as streamlined record-keeping with a centralised database, burial and plot management tools, mapping capabilities, easy search functionality, financial tracking, reporting options, integrations with other software, and an intuitive interface.

In what ways can cemetery software assist me in the management of my cemetery?

PlotBox cemetery software offers a comprehensive suite of tools to manage the many facets of a cemetery, from record keeping and plot tracking to contract management and payment processing. With easy-to-use map generation for simple navigation, automated administrative tasks, and enhanced communication capabilities with staff and customers, PlotBox is the ideal solution for modern cemetery management.

Can cemetery software be easily utilised?

With its intuitive workflow and user-friendly interface, PlotBox is among the select cemetery software solutions that make management a breeze. Although the ease of use may differ from one software to another, opting for PlotBox guarantees a seamless and enjoyable experience, with training and support readily available should you need it.

Is it possible for cemetery software to assist me in managing plots and mapping?

PlotBox, a cemetery software, comes equipped with mapping and plot management features that allow you to create and maintain digital maps of your cemetery. You can easily mark and assign plots, track their availability, and locate specific grave sites with ease. These features aid in streamlining plot management and enhancing overall efficiency.

What is the cost of cemetery software?

The pricing of cemetery software, including PlotBox, is subject to variation based on several factors such as the cemetery's size, features offered, and support services. For personalised pricing information, it is recommended to reach out to PlotBox directly.

Can the cemetery software be tailored to meet my requirements?

PlotBox, along with other cemetery software solutions, provides tailor-made customisation options to meet your cemetery's unique needs. This includes configuring fields and data structures, creating bespoke reports and templates, integrating with other systems, and implementing additional features based on your requirements. Rest assured that PlotBox can be customised to fit seamlessly into your operations.