Software to manage cemetery contracts.

Empower your team, streamline your sales.

Remove all barriers to making a sale. From PlotBox’s contract module, your sales teams can quickly and easily view live inventory data, maps and records, manage price lists, process payments online and draw up a contract on the spot.

PlotBox Cemetery Contracts Module on Tablet

Key features.

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Live inventory data

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Upload scanned images

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Payment plans

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Customised templates

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Add to basket feature

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Contract reporting

Sell from anywhere.

Cloud-based for greater visibility and mobility for your sales team.


Reserve plots.

Check inventory, place on hold, create and sign a contract. All in one.


Everything at your fingertips.

View upcoming payments, balances and settlements.

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Its a cloud based management platform that provides us with the ability to manage operational burial grounds, plot sales and interments and provide an enhanced genealogical service. This results in increased efficiencies, quality assurance and greater communication between stakeholders.

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What is cemetery contract management software?

Cemetery contract management software is a specialised tool designed to help cemetery administrators efficiently manage and organise contracts related to cemetery services. It streamlines the contract management process, improves accuracy, and enhances overall operational efficiency.

What is PlotBox's contract module?

PlotBox's contract module is a feature that facilitates the selling of cemetery plots from anywhere at anytime. It provides various tools and functionalities to streamline the sales process.