Transforming Crematorium Operations at Maple Park Crematorium

How Plotbox enhances operations at Maple Park Crematorium with innovative systems, a comprehensive dashboard, and efficient scheduling.



At Plotbox, our mission is to streamline cemetery and crematorium management with innovative technology. Maple Park Crematorium is a testament to how our system transforms operations, ensuring efficient, transparent, and compassionate service. Here’s how Plotbox enhances their capabilities:

Innovative Systems

Plotbox is designed for quick and efficient implementation, allowing Maple Park Crematorium to get up and running without delay. Our intuitive design, from the dashboard to various tabs, ensures a straightforward and logical user experience, empowering their team to focus on what matters most.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Our dashboard at Maple Park is equipped with a range of widgets that offer easy access to essential information. From calendars to stored remains reports and memorial reports, the comprehensive home screen allows their team to manage operations seamlessly from the moment they log in.

Efficient Scheduling

Plotbox’s advanced scheduling feature provides a complete overview of all cremations booked at Maple Park. This functionality helps their team plan weekly operations more effectively, ensuring that every service is coordinated with precision and care.

Collaborative Planning

Our system promotes transparency and collaboration among Maple Park’s staff. By allowing every team member to view the week’s cremations, Plotbox facilitates efficient appointment planning around these services, ensuring that families receive uninterrupted and dedicated support.

Funeral Director Portal

We understand the importance of accessibility for funeral directors. Plotbox’s dedicated portal allows them to access Maple Park’s system and view the diary, even outside office hours. This flexibility means they can meet with families and book cremations anytime, ensuring a smooth and seamless service.

At Plotbox, we are proud to support Maple Park Crematorium in delivering exceptional service. Our innovative technology ensures that every detail is managed with care, precision, and efficiency. By choosing Plotbox, Maple Park Crematorium can focus on providing compassionate service, knowing that their operations are in capable hands.


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