Revolutionizing Funeral Services: The Power of Technology

The Funeral Director Portal is transforming the industry by enhancing efficiency, streamlining communication, and offering unmatched convenience

In the evolving landscape of funeral services, technology has begun to play a crucial role in simplifying processes for funeral directors and the families they serve. Ian Dallinger, a funeral director from Wallasey, Wirral, with 27 years of experience, shares how technological advancements have transformed his workflow. Ian and his team established their funeral service in 2015 and started utilizing the Funeral Director Portal in July 2021. This tool, implemented at Landican, has significantly reduced the need for time-consuming phone calls and in-person visits to the crematorium.

Before adopting the Funeral Director Portal, coordinating a funeral involved numerous back-and-forth communications with the crematorium and the bereaved family. Ian recounts, “We'd have to phone the crematorium, then go back to the family to discuss available time slots, and then back on the phone to confirm.” This repetitive process was not only inefficient but also emotionally taxing for grieving families.

The portal has streamlined this procedure. Ian explains, “The portal made the job much easier. You can visit a family at home, bring up the crematorium diary on your phone, and discuss available times right there with them.” This immediate access to scheduling information allows families to choose the most suitable time slot, often providing them with instant peace of mind during a difficult period.

Susan Porter, another seasoned funeral director who owns Susan C. Porter Independent Funeral Directors in Upton, Wirral, echoes Ian’s sentiments. With 25 years in the industry and 12 months of using the portal, she highlights the convenience it brings. “There have even been occasions at three o’clock in the morning when I've been able to answer a family’s urgent question about funeral timing on the spot,” she says.

This shift towards digital solutions is revolutionizing the funeral industry, making it more responsive and sensitive to the needs of families. The Funeral Director Portal exemplifies how embracing technology can lead to more compassionate and efficient service, ultimately easing the burden on those mourning the loss of a loved one.

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