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Portal In Action

 How does it work ? 

  • Memorial masons can sign up to use the portal, which will give them the ability to request a permit and receive progress updates
  • PlotBox users will receive all mason requests and will also be alerted by email notifications
  • Masons can easily upload pictures of proposed drawings, as well as photos of finished work for PlotBox users to inspect and approve

Key Benefits 

✅ Facilitates ease of communication between masons and cemetery staff

✅ Saves time, as staff will no longer have to wait for hard copy permits to be submitted

✅ Any issues can be resolved quickly through communication on the app

✅ All regulations are available for masons to read on the app at any time

✅ Masons can easily view all their current requests, as well as any previous work carried out on requested permits

If you're interested in testing out the memorial mason portal, please fill in the form!


Sign Up To Test The Portal