Customised Packages By PlotBox

At PlotBox, we believe that your death-care provider is unique and deserves a tailored solution. We take pride in comprehending your organisation's needs and challenges to ensure that we are the perfect technology partner for you.


Often employed by smaller teams that primarily focus on providing services to families in immediate need, typically carrying out an average of 50-100 burials/cremations per year. The main emphasis is on fulfilling the crucial demands of efficient facility management, including meticulous record keeping, contract maintenance, effective scheduling, and seamless coordination. The solution serves as a valuable and indispensable tool to streamline these essential processes and ensure smooth operations for the team.


Catering specifically to the largest, busiest, and most intricate cemetery or combo operators who manage over 250 burials/cremations each year. Enterprise customers in this category usually have a strong emphasis on pre-need services, supported by extensive sales teams and comprehensive outreach programs. The functionality of the solution can extend to encompass CRM (Customer Relationship Management) capabilities for sales management, trust administration, commission tracking, and assignment funding.

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