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Transforming Cemetery Operations: Rookwood Partners with PlotBox

Rookwood General Cemeteries announce they have partnered with PlotBox to enable the transformation of the cemetery operation and mapping.

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Rookwood General Cemeteries Reserve Trust are delighted to announce they have partnered with world-leading cemetery management application PlotBox to enable the transformation of the cemetery operation and mapping.

With a total of over 900,000 interments and cremations at Rookwood and covering an expanse of over 780 acres (roughly the size of Sydney’s Central Business District), Rookwood Cemetery is the oldest, largest and most multicultural working cemetery in Australia. Rookwood’s grounds tell the story of Sydney’s history and cultural diversity, with more 130 culturally specific and non-denominational lawns.  It’s also the largest graveyard in the southern hemisphere!

Headquartered in Ireland and with offices throughout the United States, PlotBox is the leading cloud-based death care management solution that facilitates cemeteries in operating to world-class standards.

Today Rookwood Cemetery is at the forefront of the revolution that is seeing many of the world's most progressive and ambitious cemeteries modernise operations from the inside out. Multiple software solutions and data sources will be streamlined into the single comprehensive PlotBox platform, where for the first time, all cemetery operations will be led.

Amongst others, records, memorial management, scheduling, CRM, and host of advanced finance tools will all run from a single application accessible from any device anywhere in the world. What's more, PlotBox’s full integration between software and mapping links all records, financial transactions and communications with families to a verified plot location, enabling users to find, access and report on information in time frames that were simply impossible pre-implementation.

George Simpson, CEO at Rookwood Cemetery comments,

“We’re really pleased with the system as it stands now!  We’ve already migrated 2.8 million records to the new system, and have mapped out 80% of the cemetery with drones.”

Sean McAllister, CEO PlotBox commented,

"Rookwood General Cemetery are the first cemetery to implement the PlotBox solution in Australia which marks the start of a revolution in cemetery mapping and software in the country!

Our goal is to enable our customers and their families to have instant access to data they can trust, from wherever they are and are looking forward to seeing those benefits being realised in the months ahead"

Rookwood Cemetery and PlotBox have recently completed the implementation process, and Rookwood can look forward to more efficient operations and ultimately to even further realise their commitment to maintaining the highest standards in dealing with their families and the community.

Watch Rookwood's customer success story here:

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