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Maximizing Crematory Efficiency with PlotBox Crematory Software

Improve the efficiency of your crematory with PlotBox. Streamline processes, manage records, finances, contracts, scheduling, and more.

Those who are responsible for managing a crematory know how important it is that everything is run as efficiently as possible in order to provide a straightforward, accurate and reliable service.

With crematory, there are multiple aspects that need to be properly managed, from contracts, mapping and deeds to plots, finance and records. This can be extremely time consuming and often involves using multiple systems, software and programmes whilst having to communicate through various different channels with the relevant suppliers, customers, personnel and external services.

At PlotBox we provide crematory management software that has been designed to provide crematories with everything they need all in one single digital platform to help streamline processes, improve efficiency, save time, cut costs and ensure compliance.

Smarter Crematory Management

In any business, it can be daunting to make changes or move over to a different way of doing things when they have been done a certain way for so long. However, in an ever-changing digital world, deathcare providers must adapt and move with the times to make sure that their business continues to improve and is not left behind. 

Using innovative, customer focused technologies, our management software solves many of the problems that funeral homes, crematories and cemeteries face on a daily basis, revolutionizing the way that they operate.

PlotBox’s cloud-based solution seamlessly integrates all the essential functions of deathcare management into a single system that centralises all data, records, tasks and teams, making them accessible from anywhere at any time. This software allows you to comprehensively manage the operational, financial, compliance, and mapping needs of your crematory, helping to improve productivity and customer service whilst also driving growth and profitability.

Innovative Software Solutions

One of the things that makes the job of a deathcare professional so difficult is having to collect different pieces of data and information through multiple sources and bring them together, almost like a puzzle.

Our deathcare software is designed to help with all aspects of crematory management within one, unified, seamless and easy to use system that allows you to work confidently and gives you complete control over your operation.

Here is a brief overview of the software modules that PlotBox provides for its users.

  • Deathcare Records Management Software

This records management module intuitively brings all the deceased electronic records together into a single, quickly searchable database, making it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Memorials Management Software

Everything you need to manage your memorials more efficiently with processes that streamline your workflows and improve communication.

  • Deathcare Document Management 

This document management software allows important documents to be scanned and stored online to keep your records safe and easily accessible.

  • Deathcare Finance & Accounting Software

Our finance module helps streamline accounting management processes, all from a single platform that works to minimise time spent closing books and manage invoicing, payments, receipts and more.

  • Deathcare Contract Management Software 

Allows sales teams to quickly and easily view live cemetery inventory data, maps, and records, manage price lists, process payments online and draw up contracts on the spot.

  • Deathcare Scheduling Software 

This real-time scheduling system makes it easier to book and manage cremations, burials and appointments across multiple sites.

  • Deathcare Work Orders Software

PlotBox’s Work Order module streamlines operational processes, increases efficiencies, improves communication and helps you to better manage your teams to deliver more accountability and visibility.

  • Deathcare Customer Relationship Management Softwar

Our cemetery CRM software lets you track and analyse every interaction with your customer, helping to build relationships, increase lead generation, plan campaigns and manage sales activity.

  • Risk Assessment Software

This risk assessment software helps facilities to carry out inspections with ease to help you remain compliant and better manage health and safety risks that if overlooked, could expose you to legal action. 

  • Funeral Director Portal

Provides 24/7 online access to request booking slots from your cemetery and crematory calendars that works to: streamline processes, save time, improve communication and reduce paperwork.

  • PlotBox Mapping

Our mapping solutions help to provide the clearest view of your crematory.

  • Our high-resolution drone imagery creates an accurate mosaic of your site, accurate to 1-3 inches.
  • PlotBox Vertica Mapping provides an immersive 360-degree view of both indoor and outdoor Mausolea and Columbaria with a 3D view of the space that allows you to navigate corridors and search real time inventory availability.

Unlock the Potential of Your Crematorium

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our innovative crematory software, then please do not hesitate to get in touch by filling out our contact form and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help.

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