Historical digital preservation.

In history, if you weren't a significant person, you were often forgotten. However, the EverAfter platform ensures that everyone’s legacy can be preserved digitally and accessed perpetually. This video delves into how the Ever After platform revolutionizes record-keeping and memory preservation, ensuring that no one is ever forgotten. From the momentous efforts in Belfast City Cemetery to the broad implications of digital preservation, discover how this technology stores information securely in the cloud, making it accessible from anywhere in the world. Learn about the challenges of historical record-keeping, the fragility of paper records, and how Ever After overcomes these obstacles by storing data digitally.

It's critical to address the cultural changes and ensure employee buy-in and support from the management structure. If the team who will be using the new systems isn't brought along on the journey, the transformation can hit significant roadblocks. Effective change management is essential for the success of any transformation project. Ensuring that change is managed well and supporting customers through their transformation journey is vital for achieving the desired outcomes and benefits.

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