PlotBox: The Future of Cemetery Financial Management

From payment processing to direct API integrations, PlotBox can help take the headache out of finances for deathcare providers.

March 2024: Leading deathcare management solutions provider PlotBox has unveiled its new suite of financial tools and applications, designed specifically to meet the unique needs of cemetery, crematory and funeral home operators.

From payment processing to trust fund management, this complete financial platform is accessed from within PlotBox’s existing solution, boasting direct financial API integrations with an ever-growing library of up to 20 leading accounting platforms, including QuickBooks, Xero and NetSuite.

With PlotBox Pay, customers will have access to the industry's most innovative payment technology with simple, secure and reliable payment processing that includes automated ACH and card payments to streamline and enhance customer service.


PlotBox CEO Sean McAllister said, 


“PlotBox’s digital financial management offering has just got bigger.

We all know how challenging month-ends and audits can be, and with the PlotBox Financial Management Suite, we’re helping to take the headache out of finances.

In listening to our customers, it was clear that there was a real need for an all-encompassing solution that would help them to overcome the complexities of their financial processes. 

We were hearing loud and clear, the pains of manual workarounds, the risks and liabilities associated with errors and inaccurate data, and of course, time lost due to the lack of a dedicated finance system to bring everything together.

Our aim was to provide a means of streamlining and simplifying financial processes, along with the flexibility to integrate the PlotBox solution with their current accounting platforms.

And we’re not finished here, this is a key focus of our product roadmap and we will continue to innovate, creating new financial management products that will allow deathcare operators to provide the best possible service to their families.”

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