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Exploring 5 Key Benefits of Portable Cemetery Software

Discover the practical benefits of using portable cemetery software applications and mobile devices for cemetery and crematorium management.

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In 2009 Apple coined the phrase, “There’s an app for that”’, and in doing so, not only launched a thousand memes, but introduced a phrase into the lexicon that has come to express how applications and mobile devices continue to transform our relationship with technology.

Fast-forward a decade or so, and the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets reflects how integral they’ve become to our lives - in terms of how we communicate, and how we interact with the world around us.

And so too, they’ve become essential tools for many organisations - the accessibility, mobility and connectivity they provide facilitating new ways of working that help to streamline processes, improve communication, and increase efficiencies that together help save time and money.

And for many deathcare providers, they’re helping to revolutionise how they manage their operations and serve their families.

With that in mind, we look at 5 practical benefits of using PlotBox’s cemetery management software in conjunction with mobile devices:

#1 Risk Assessments

Whether it’s cracked paths, overhanging limbs, unstable memorials or unsafe headstones - cemeteries pose a certain level of risk to both staff and members of the public. 

Good practice in risk assessment processes is essential in remaining compliant, keeping visitors safe and reducing the risk of lawsuit, so it’s therefore important that your team has the tools they need to carry them out effectively and in a timely way.

Locating, identifying and recording potential hazards means going mobile and navigating your space - something which may be more of a challenge for grounds crews if using paper maps and pen and paper. Providing the ability to accurately pinpoint locations on digital maps and record important information when onsite, means less back and forth to the office, less time and greater accuracy.

Risk Assessments can be carried out via the PlotBox ipad app using a tablet device. Plots can be searched and viewed on digital maps, then all of the relevant information recorded ‘in the moment’, from memorial type, to condition, results, and any actions that need to be taken. Photographs can even be taken and attached directly to the record.

Together, this can help to create a complete picture of your risk assessments, keeping you on track and providing and ensuring you know what needs to be carried out and when.

Learn more about risk assessments with PlotBox.

Risk assessment

#2 Customer Service

Whether during a special event, or as an everyday occurrence, it's important for cemeteries to have everything they need to help create a positive experience for families and visitors.

Helping them to locate the resting places of loved ones - especially in larger cemeteries - isn’t always easy without instant access to accurate mapping information.

Oftentimes, that requires teams out on cemetery grounds having to jot down information, then going back and forth phone to the office to look through records, or similarly, calling it in and having someone within the office do the same thing. All of which takes time for staff and a somewhat disjointed experience for the visitor.

Using the PlotBox ipad app, staff can quickly search deceased records within the cemetery and view where they’re buried on a digital map. This allows them to easily direct families to the grave location, and even print a map out for them if required.

With access to that information, your team will also be able to see what plots are available close by, should the family wish to have a conversation about their own future planning needs - all in the moment, all from a tablet device.

Think of your next event - now think of staff placed around your cemetery grounds with tablets, quickly and efficiently dealing with queries and potentially maximizing opportunities for you.

Watch Memorial Day 2021 at Inglewood Park Cemetery, California.

#3 Sales Processes

It’s important that your team has everything they need to remove any barriers to making the sale.

That means having instant access to all of the information they need - and just as importantly - all of the information families need to make a decision and sign on the dotted line.

Paired with your cemetery management software, a tablet can provide your team with the mobility to make sales from anywhere - whether that’s in the home or from the comfort of the office.

Access to real time inventory lets them search plots and view exactly what they have to sell and where. Seeing burial plot locations, with a heat map providing visibility of status information means less time verifying space, and no confusion over what’s available.

Importantly - with PlotBox, because data is updated in real time, there’s also less risk of double-selling or mis-selling plots - less risk and complete confidence for both you and the family.

As an aid to selling, digital maps also allow your team to show families exactly where plots are and what surrounds them, without having to refer to paper maps or without having to come onsite - helping them to make a decision then and there.

Bringing contracts to completion isn’t always straightforward, with lots of back and forth and reams of paperwork slowing the process, or even bringing it to a halt. With PlotBox, you can generate a contract straight from a tablet, process payments and even add electronic signatures. 

Going mobile means no limitations on selling remotely.

Funeral director portal

#4 Funeral Director Portal

We know that challenging circumstances for families do not keep regular hours. 

In order to make the process as seamless as possible, it's important for clear and timely communication between deathcare providers. That also means funeral directors being able to provide families with the information they need to make the important decisions as soon as possible.

That may mean a back and forth with the cemetery or crematorium office to confirm availability, and often physically going to the site to fill out a diary booking request over the weekend, to be dealt with by the team on Monday morning.

All of which together can mean uncertainty for the family, and time away from them for the funeral director. It can also mean backlogs for staff at the beginning of every week.

The PlotBox Funeral Director Portal provides funeral directors with access to cemetery and crematorium calendars, at any time of the day or night, enabling them to provisionally book slots.

Simply by using their phone, they can talk through available options and provide dates and times for families immediately.

Read how the funeral director portal is transforming customer service in Wirral.

#5 Work 0rders

Streamlined operational processes and clear communication between the office and grounds teams is essential in ensuring that the right work is carried out in the right place, in the right way, at the time. 

In practice, a tablet can help you share information in real time between the two.

Work orders linked to digital maps means grounds teams can easily see exactly where work needs to be carried out without having to refer to paper maps and records. 

Work orders can also be generated and assigned to staff remotely, and when completed, can be signed off onsite. Need to review work completed? Teams can simply take photographs when out in the field and attach them to the work order.

In all, real time job status and email and text alerts keeps everyone informed, up to date, and provides accountability from start to finish.

Learn more about Work Orders with PlotBox.

Watch how the Funeral Director Portal is transforming customer service in Wirral:

Funeral Director Portal


What are the practical benefits of using PlotBox's cemetery management software with mobile devices?

PlotBox's cemetery management software, when used in conjunction with mobile devices, offers several practical benefits. These include streamlined risk assessments, enhanced customer service, improved sales processes, a funeral director portal, and efficient work order management. These benefits collectively help optimise cemetery operations and customer experiences.

How does PlotBox's mobile app improve risk assessments in cemeteries?

PlotBox's mobile app allows staff to perform risk assessments efficiently by using tablet devices. It enables users to accurately locate and record potential hazards on digital maps, attach photos, and document important information in real time. This process eliminates the need for paper-based maps and manual data entry, leading to greater accuracy, reduced office back-and-forth, and improved compliance with safety standards.

How does PlotBox's mobile app enhance customer service for cemetery visitors?

PlotBox's mobile app facilitates better customer service by enabling staff to quickly search deceased records and locate burial plots on digital maps. This feature assists families in finding their loved ones' resting places, especially in larger cemeteries. The app also provides information about available plots nearby, enhancing visitor experience and potentially opening up conversations about future planning needs.

How does PlotBox's mobile app optimise sales processes for cemeteries?

PlotBox's mobile app empowers cemetery staff to conduct sales seamlessly from various locations, whether in the office or out in the field. The app offers real-time access to inventory information, allowing staff to search plots, view availability, and present options to families. With digital maps and real-time data updates, staff can guide families through plot locations and details, facilitating confident decision-making and even generating contracts then and there. 

How does PlotBox's Funeral Director Portal improve communication between deathcare providers and families?

PlotBox's Funeral Director Portal ensures clear and timely communication between funeral directors, cemetery staff, and families. The portal allows funeral directors to access cemetery and crematorium calendars at any time, making it easier to provisionally book slots and provide families with immediate options. This eliminates back-and-forth communication delays and enhances customer service, especially during sensitive times for families.



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