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Hosting & Managing Events In Your Cemetery eBook

Successfully host and manage events in your cemetery with this free eBook. From high-level planning to post-event activities, this guide covers it all.

Discover our top tips for hosting & managing events:

High level planning: This is where you set the overall goals and objectives for your event, determine the budget, and create a timeline for all the necessary tasks.

Second level planning & check backs: Dive deeper into the details by creating a checklist of all the tasks that need to be completed, assigning responsibilities to team members, and conducting regular check-ins to ensure everything is on track.

Only 2 months to go...: With just two months left until the event, it's time to finalize all the logistics, confirm vendors and suppliers, and start promoting the event to build excitement among attendees.

It's here!: The big day has arrived! Make sure to arrive early to set up, greet guests, and handle any last-minute issues that may arise. Stay organized and keep a calm demeanor to ensure the event runs smoothly.

After event activity: Don't forget about the post-event activities, such as sending thank you notes to attendees, collecting feedback, and analyzing the event's success. This will help you improve for future events and maintain positive relationships with attendees.


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