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Financial Management: PlotBox Pay Revolutionizes Payment Processing

Discover how PlotBox Pay is enhancing payment processing and expanding financial services for the Diocese of Tucson Catholic Cemeteries.

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John Dwyre joined the Diocese of Tucson Catholic Cemeteries in October 2023 as an accounting controller. One of his goals was to streamline the payment processing function within the organization.

In discovering PlotBox Pay as part of their expanded financial management tools, he knew it was what they needed.

We recently spoke with John, who provided insights on how PlotBox Pay has been improving their customer service and financial management processes.

Please tell us about your role at the Diocese of Tucson Catholic Cemeteries

Prior to joining this organization, I worked in the banking and financial technology industry in roles such as controller and CFO. My background made it easier for me to understand the key elements needed to implement a payment system like PlotBox Pay.

What are some key considerations for a CFO or controller in financial management?

In any industry, including cemeteries, leading a financial team involves continually looking for efficiencies in operations and reducing costs. As technology advances, we strive to maximize resources to meet our monthly goals. Compared to other industries, the deathcare industry has been lagging in adapting to technological advances.

With PlotBox as a partner, my goal is to be at the forefront of technology use, especially in integrating all functions within a cemetery.

What were some initial financial management challenges you encountered?

One challenge was recording customer transactions. We accept credit card payments and checks as forms of payment. Before PlotBox integrated credit card payments, recording credit card transactions involved three steps: recording the payment on a credit card terminal, in PlotBox, and then in QuickBooks (our accounting system).

Is that what drew you to PlotBox Pay?

Yes, by implementing PlotBox Pay, we reduced the payment recording process from three steps to two, minimizing the risk of errors and easing the workload for our accounting team.

This integration provides better service to families by reducing the number of potential payment errors.


What are some other benefits you’re seeing?

Previously, we had one credit card terminal in the office. Now, any staff member can process transactions from their office, improving convenience and efficiency.

Family counselors can stay with families during transactions, enhancing the customer experience. Additionally, reducing the number of manual steps decreases the likelihood of human errors, saving time in accounting.


What does having real-time reporting look like for you?

Real-time reporting allows me to see transactions as soon as they are recorded in PlotBox Pay. Previously, transactions could take one or two days to be recorded. Now, immediate access to this data provides a clear picture of sales revenue and helps manage resources effectively.


How has the support you've received from PlotBox been?

The PlotBox team has been very responsive, addressing any minor issues promptly. Their customer support has been excellent, making the implementation process smooth and ensuring stability since then.

I'm looking forward to future products related to PlotBox Pay that will further reduce payment processing time.


What did the implementation process look like for you?

Implementing PlotBox Pay involved minimal learning. The payments screen within PlotBox was not significantly different prior to implementing PlotBox Pay.


How has it improved your financial management processes overall?

Overall, it has improved our ability to handle transactions in a timely manner, ensuring payments are reflected in contracts immediately. This reduces the number of customer calls and improves accuracy, making month-end processes smoother.


What advice would you give to another deathcare provider seeking to implement a new payment processing system?

The financial staff need to fully understand how credit card transactions flow from PlotBox to the credit card processor and finally into your bank account. It's important to communicate the benefits to the rest of the organization to make the transition smoother.

Embracing new technology can be challenging, but explaining its advantages helps get everyone on board.


What’s the next step for you in terms of using PlotBox Pay?

The next step is to introduce the ability to automatically process monthly payments. This feature will reduce payment errors and labor costs involved in manually processing recurring payments.



Discover greater payment processing power with PlotBox Pay.



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