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Families First: 5 Ways PlotBox Can Enhance Your Crematory Customer Service

Providing families with the best customer service is at the heart of empathetic death care. Discover how a crematory management software solution can help.

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Providing families with the best possible customer care, before, during and after their time of need is at the heart of empathetic deathcare.

In thinking about why we do what we do here at PlotBox, it always comes back to that human element, and our mission of taking away some of the pain around dealing with death - for families and those who serve them.

For crematories, supporting families who are navigating the process of saying goodbye to their loved ones, the importance of exceptional customer service can’t be overstated.

“To not have to worry about the administration system, it can mean that we can do things in a much better and efficient way, and ultimately it provides us with the time that we need to spend with families.”

- Crematorium Business Manager

In speaking with our crematory customers it’s clear that their crematory management software - more than simply providing a resource to manage administrative and operational processes - provides a vital tool in providing the best possible service to their families.

You might go further to say that the integration of technology with deathcare services is a means to streamline the overall experience for families, while providing more time for operators to focus on what matters most.

But while we could wax lyrical about what you already know about customer service, let's instead look a five specific examples of how PlotBox’s crematory management software solution can help:

1. More time for what matters

Let’s look at that phrase in practical terms, because really, it's what underpins all other benefits of digital transformation.

Put simply, a single crematory management solution will help to streamline your processes by connecting every aspect of your operation, giving you quicker and easier access to the information you hold.

And together that means less time spent on routine tasks and more time to spend with families. No more poring through reams of paperwork looking for deceased records, or trying to work out why the information in one diary doesn’t match the other.

Everything. In. One. Place.

In essence, having all of your essential functions - from scheduling to accounting - ‘under one roof’ helps to create that all important, ‘single source of truth’. And because it’s updated in real time, it minimizes the risk of errors or data being entered more than once.

Why then is a centralized hub synonymous with having more time for what truly matters?

Real-Time Information: Whether it's the status of a cremation process, scheduling updates, specific family requests, or accessing deceased records, having accurate information at your fingertips ensures you can respond promptly to inquiries, and offer reassurance in a more timely manner..

Streamlined Workflows: The days of navigating through multiple systems are disappearing, replaced by single deathcare management solutions that streamline workflows. From scheduling cremations to managing documentation, or producing reminder letters for expiring memorials, a centralized platform simplifies all of your operational processes and offers a more seamless experience for families.

Better Communication: Effective communication lies at the heart of exceptional customer service. That ‘single source of truth’ is what makes that happen by ensuring everyone in your operation has the same information at the same time. That means you can convey updates, address queries, and ensure that families are given accurate information with confidence.

2. Know exactly what’s happening where and when

To manage any operation effectively, it’s important to know exactly what’s happening, where and when. And this is especially true of crematories that potentially have multiple services being carried out, potentially in close proximity,  throughout each day.

And that’s where having shared, customized calendars updated in real time can really bring home efficiencies, streamlining operations and improve communication.

As one customer told us, having an overview of all cremations booked means that they can plan their week out in an efficient way, while all staff being able to view what cremations they have allows the planning of appointments around cremations.

All together, this also allows for a more efficient allocation of resources based on demand, meaning that onsite work can be timed and carried out in good time to meet the needs of families and staff - in all, leading to smoother operations and improved responsiveness to service demands.


Funeral Director portal


3. Because caring for families isn’t 9 to 5

You know better than most that the need to support families demands extends beyond the confines of a typical 9-to-5 workday, with the bereaved seeking support at every time of the day or night.

This is when communication between deathcare stakeholders is paramount.

The PlotBox Funeral Director Portal provides FDs with 24/7 online access to crematory calendars meaning they can see at a glance - at any time - what slots are available.

In practical terms, that means that they can provide families with the answers they need, at their time of need, without leaving them to make phone calls, and enabling them to make the important decisions without delay.

Moving past conventional constraints: typically, funeral directors have been bound by the limitations of crematory office hours, relying on in-person interactions, or writing requests in a diary at the office to be picked up by staff on Monday morning. That not only slowed the process down for families, but created a more inefficient method of booking slots.

Giving time back: Quite simply, by introducing 24/7 online calendar access, you are giving back time - time to your staff, to funeral directors and most importantly, to families. Funeral directors are no longer constrained,  they are now able to check availability and provisionally book slots in the moment, optimizing how cremation facilities are used, and reducing the likelihood of scheduling conflicts.

Funeral directors, provided with online access to diaries, can better meet the unique needs of each family in a timely and professional way - whether it's accommodating specific timing requests, providing updates, or addressing concerns, the flexibility afforded by online calendar access is now a cornerstone of responsive customer service.

4. Anywhere at any time

The fact that PlotBox is cloud-based means that crematoriums can access the information they need from anywhere at any time. That provides a number of advantages over traditional systems.

On-the-Spot Updates and Information: In the fluid environment of crematorium services, having the ability to access information on-the-spot is invaluable. Staff members can provide immediate updates, address inquiries and offer relevant details to families there and then.

One PlotBox customer provided the example of a family member who approached them in their garden of remembrance with a question regarding a service.

There and then, they were able to go onto their mobile phone and look up the information that was needed without having to go into the office, or to print off a piece of paper. That online access meant that right away the customer had exactly what they needed to make a decision.

Or consider a family member expressing a last-minute request for a timing adjustment to the cremation service. Your staff member will have the ability to access the crematorium's schedule remotely to check availability, make real-time adjustments, and provide them with the assurance that their request has been met..

This increased accessibility ultimately helps to foster clear communication between staff and families by providing information right when it's needed. Whether it's providing updates on the status of a loved one's cremation or accommodating personalized requests, it can help to ensure that families feel supported and informed throughout the entire process.

5. It can grow as you do

PlotBox is scalable, with a range of pricing and package options, meaning that whether you’re the largest crematory operator or the smallest, you can start where you need to be right from day one while investing in your future growth.

In practical terms, that means it provides the ability to handle varying volumes of work, allowing you to adapt easily to fluctuating service demands quickly without a significant decrease in performance.

In other words the scalability PlotBox provides means it can efficiently grow with you in response to the demands placed on your service. For example:

Handling Increased Workload: If there is a sudden increase in the number of cremations or a surge in service demands, scalable crematory software can effectively accommodate this higher workload, for example in adding new users or functionality;

or get ahead of sudden increases with reporting tools that allow you to pull information across time periods to view trends and predict where there may be a need for greater resources.

Adapting to Changing Needs: Scalability also allows for flexibility in adjusting to changing operational requirements. For instance, if a crematory wants to add new features, such as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module, a scalable software solution such as PlotBox will allow for those additions without requiring a complete overhaul of the existing system.


A Customer Service Game Changer


In essence, then this scalability provides the assurance that your solution can grow seamlessly as you need it to provide a consistently high level of service - being crucial where the demands on a crematory can vary significantly over time.

In providing the best possible customer service, crematorium software solutionS such as PlotBox are changing the game.

More than just a piece of software, it's a change in processes that will help to optimize time and resources, allowing crematory staff to channel their energies towards what truly matters – supporting grieving families with compassion and empathy.



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