Cemetery Trust Management

Did you know Trust Funds can be managed within PlotBox? Enjoy flexibility in moving monies in and out of relevant trust funds.

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Did you know that Trust Funds can be created and managed within PlotBox? This gives our customers flexibility in moving monies in and out of the relevant trust funds. The balance of the funds are based on contract sales, cancellations and fulfilment as well as any accrued interest the fund makes over time.

cemetery trust management

Although the physical management of the fund is carried out externally by the trustees, within PlotBox the management of trust funds can be made more efficient using the following functionality:

  • Proportion of each sale that is fundable i.e. can be sent to the trust fund
  • How monies from each contract payment are applied to a trust fund
  • How and when to withdraw monies from a trust fund
  • What happens to a trust fund when a contract gets cancelled
  • Adjust the balance of a trust fund and apply interest to it
  • View a trust transaction history for each sale
  • Export trust information in custom formats to be sent to external trust management

If you’d like to learn more about our Trust Fund capabilities please click here to speak to a PlotBox expert!

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