Adapting Cemetery Sales Processes During A Pandemic & Beyond

Check out our latest blog post on adapting cemetery sales processes during a pandemic and beyond.

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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, has forced organizations all over the world to reassess how they're operating. Cemeteries are no exception to this, especially in operations where pre-need sales targets still need to be hit!

Let’s take a look at how cemetery sales processes can be adapted during a pandemic and beyond:

Conduct Cemetery Sales Remotely

How have you been managing sales over the pandemic, are you using software to help or perhaps you're relying on excel sheets?

Did you know at PlotBox, we’ve developed an online solution for selling At-Need and Pre-Need Contracts remotely using our Remote Contract Management module? Our remote sales tool is designed to allow your teams to work from home and continue to serve families. It's a day forward solution which can run alongside your existing record management system. Start selling pre-need and at-need contracts online within 3-5 days of signing up. Learn more here.

Virtual Cemetery Tours

Perhaps at the beginning of the year you were able to host cemetery tours as a source of income or to raise awareness of your cemetery and crematorium facilities. With life taking longer to get back to normal, is now the time to begin virtual tours in your cemetery? Virtual tours would give you the ability to continue bringing in this source of income, whilst conducting the tour safely for all involved. 

Opportunity in Genealogy 

This is the backdrop to some of the most powerful and exciting things you can do with your cemetery sales and marketing. Very simply, people are interested in their family’s history and are searching online for records. Cemeteries being the owners of that data gives you a huge opportunity to connect with the public all around the world and attract visitors to your website!

The scale of interest is such that genealogy is currently the second most popular hobby in the US, in terms of online category visits. We know these records enable the public to explore their ancestry, but for cemeteries, how do you effectively and appropriately monetize these opportunities to grow your business? The interest in your cemetery records has the potential to turn into revenue via lead generation and other online e-commerce opportunities.

At PlotBox we enable our customers to make their records public online using Everafter, the advanced public interface that both generates leads and revenue for cemeteries, and improves service levels with tools like Walk to Grave & online ordering. 

To learn more about Everafter, please click here.

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