5 Tips To Improve Your Online Presence

Ready to improve your online presence? Check out our 5 tips for getting started!

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In previous years cemeteries and crematoriums traditionally used outbound marketing to promote their services. Although these practices remain relevant, it’s important to consider introducing inbound marketing into your strategy. With advancements in technology, changing consumer buying behaviors and COVID-19, there has never been a better time to improve your online presence. Check out our 5 tips for getting started!

#1 Review The Layout of Your Website

Think about your website now, how many clicks would it take for a family to find the information they're looking for? Whether that be contact information, burial options, memorial options or COVID-19 updates. If a website visitor can’t find what they’re looking for quickly, this could lead to them bouncing straight off your website and possibly even deter them from engaging with your services. To avoid this happening you should ensure your website pages are laid out in a clean and clear manner, with important information standing out and call-to-actions positioned in the correct places.

#2 Offer Valuable Content

Due to the advances in technology over the years, buyers have changed. When they visit your site they expect to be educated and want to learn more about your services. Do you currently provide your audience with any form of content?  If yes, then that’s great! If no, don’t worry you could simply start by offering website visitors the opportunity to download a PDF version of your brochure. This means they’ll have the information they need at hand before phoning into your office. 

As cemeteries, you have a huge opportunity to connect with the public all around the world by making your records available online! Very simply, people are interested in their family’s history and are searching for these records.

Other ways you might want to provide valuable content is by having a call-to-action to subscribe to your newsletter, writing blog posts and eBooks or creating video content for your site visitors to engage with. This will not only help your audience to make more informed decisions, but will also create a relationship with your audience whether they choose to purchase your services or not.

#3 Ensure Your Website is Mobile Friendly

Having a mobile optimized website is critical to ensuring you reach a wider audience. Most often people use their mobiles opposed to computers, laptops or tablets to conduct searches and find information online. If your website isn't responsive on mobile you could potentially deter consumers from engaging with your services. 

#4 Social Media Activity

Consider utilizing social media in your cemetery. The death care industry is a relationship business - people connect with a person, not a company and not a logo. Use social platforms to showcase the human side of your business and to build relationships with your local community!

#5 Get Listed On Web Directories

One thing we’re sure most organizations realize is that while advertising their services, it can get lost within the sheer amount of competition that is out there. Web directories are a great place to generate more traffic to your cemetery website and reach a wider audience within both the local community and further afield. Google My Business, Bing places, Yahoo and Yelp are some examples of where you could get started on this.

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