Bringing Cemetery Services into the Digital Age: A Fascinating Look at Rookwood General Cemetery's Transformation


Join us as we explore Rookwood General Cemetery's captivating journey into the digital age. Discover how the largest cemetery in the Southern Hemisphere successfully mapped their vast 700-acres and transitioned to a cutting-edge cloud-based cemetery management software. This webinar is a must-watch for cemeteries and crematories considering a digital revolution.

During this enlightening session, you will gain valuable insights into:

✅ Delving into Rookwood's previous processes and the formidable obstacles they encountered

✅ Unveiling the pivotal moment when the decision to embrace digitalization was made, and the meticulous process of selecting a trusted supplier

✅ Embark on Rookwood's enthralling journey as they share their firsthand experience of migrating to the remarkable PlotBox software.

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