Corporate Social Responsibility. 

Our Social Committee is the heartbeat of our workplace, bringing joy and connection to all. Comprising enthusiastic volunteers from diverse teams, this committee focuses on Social, Charity, and Wellbeing.

1. Social Events:

  • From entertaining quizzes to payday drinks, we plan various events throughout the year to create fun memories and strengthen team bonds.

2. Charity Partnership:

  • This year, we proudly support the Community Rescue Service, aligning with our values of teamwork, tenacity, and trust.

3. Wellbeing Initiatives:

  • Join us for marathons, AB sealing, and a year-end skate to promote a healthy lifestyle and team camaraderie.

4. Inclusive Engagement:

  • Whether in the office or working remotely, everyone is invited to participate, fostering inclusivity and connection

Our Social Committee works tirelessly to build a community that goes beyond the workplace. Get ready to laugh, exercise, and contribute to a good cause together!

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